02 Jul

Choice is good -cofee

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Choice is good and London is full of choices. Like, do you sit next to the sad-looking angry man on the tube who doesn’t even crack a smile for toddler or stand next to the tourist that has dared to bring four uber suitcases on the tube at 5.10pm on a Wednesday and will definitely […]

27 May

Everything must go- Moving OS

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In your thirties when announcements are made at get togethers, you can safely assume that they are going to be about babies or houses, or both. My ‘happy for you’ pregnancy face is well practised because it’s genuine and also I’m delighted that it’s them and not us preparing for imminent parenthood. We made our […]

06 Jan

Global marketplace

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If an item sits stagnant, without use, in our house for longer than three months, you betcha bottom dollar that I’m putting it on eBay. eBay and I go way back…I’ve bought and sold what seems like a lifetime of goods. My wedding shoes…$30 thank you very much (and we resold everything we could post-wedding, tablecloths, mini milk bottles, […]

23 Sep

One of a kind

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An hour on stage talking, alone. I’m always hunting for that next challenge so after ‘How to get Rich’ my last Fringe/Comedy Festival show, I’ve written a new one… ‘One of a kind’… a show about being an only child. You can buy tickets/get more info HERE!

03 Jul

IKEA wedding

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Our visit reminded me of how many great DIY, trinkety marvels that you could purchase at IKEA to use as wedding /party/decorations/motifs.
For our wedding, we stocked up on jars and tea light candles but there are so many other fabulous (re-sellable) items that, if you think a bit laterally, can really spruce up a venue, with very little cost.
I love, love, love their fabric range…so many bright patterns that can easily be trimmed (without any real sewing skills) into table runners or rustic napkins. Check the bargain bin for offcuts too, as there are great deals to be had there (especially when they are discontinuing a line).

02 Jul

Making my pretty-book design

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A wedding is basically a party, that’s very emotive and personal. As a society we’ve built it up to be ‘the most important day of your life’ which I think is not only dangerous it’s also a bit bullshit.
How many New Years Eves have you had high expectations about and then spent the night at a bus stop, waiting for a bus that never comes, whilst drinking your champagne from the bottle and eating brie like a sandwich with your hands?

29 Jun

It’s not about ideas; it’s about making ideas happen

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Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the Voices of 2013 master class, a giant love in/seminar/meeting of the blogger minds…and boy where there some sassy attendees! After last night, hosting a trivia evening for Project SAMA, Intrepid foundations charity, I felt energised and slightly concerned that my voice wasn’t going to make it (picture […]

21 Jun

Work it baby

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I was never much for the treadmill, I rarely entered the ‘mirrored muscle room’ but I did like the aerobics, pump and Pilates classes…I even gave zumba whirl. The music’s loud, I liked to flail around, fellow exercises would inch away from me but in my mind I was Gwyneth Paltrow and the instructor was my personal Tracy Anderson.
I was charmed by the energetic and wheeze free delivery of the classes by the perky instructors. They leapt and jumped and yelled, without getting sweaty or out of breath. Are they robots? Perhaps.

16 Jun

My sweet addiction

No Sugar 9 Comments by Aleisha

My name’s Aleisha and up until 6 months ago I was an addict. 6 months ago, I gave up something I loved…deeply. Sugar. Don’t roll your eyes like that. I know what you’re thinking. Sometimes when I say no to a piece of cake or a slab of dairy milk, the reactions to the statement […]

05 Jun


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I’m a freelancer. Which according to my family equates to… Always being on the cusp of unemployment Can’t hold down a ‘real’ job The fact that I’ll never be eligible for a home loan or to purchase a couch on a 24-month interest free deal from Harvey Norman AND One day soon, I’ll be living […]