My list what Oprah made me write

April 21, 2010 1 Comment by Aleisha

Cripes I want a bike.

Sorry, manners.

Shitballs I would like a bike… especially after seeing this 5 second marvel.


There are lots of ‘things’ I would like and Oprah suggested to me yesterday lunchtime, by means of communication through the television, that I create a list of my wants so I can ‘set and define my goals’.

She was very serious about this and I feel that I must follow her advice so I sat down and put pen to paper.

Oprah said to have no boundaries and to think big. I didn’t put ‘be rich’ or ‘buy a house’ or ‘host my own high rating TV show’ becuase they would be obvious and boring and Oprah does not encourage that sort of behaviour.

I’d just like to send my apologies to Oprah for acquiring the new unauthorized biography/book of lies about her.  I like and respect you and think you are a totally awesome lady but have to resort to reading unauthorized materials if you don’t write your own. Also I really wanted to know more about Stedman and your possible affair with Jonh Tesh and his chin (did he use his chin for other than normal chin activities etc?).

Steadman didn’t seem to like his food. Oprah thought it was OK

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  1. LiLu
    4 years ago

    I soooooooooo hear you on the “not chatty” part. I got a mani yesterday and she wouuuuuuld noooooooooot stoppppppppp. And I feel BAD because you’re doing something FOR me, yanno? But I just can’t enjoy it when you’re yappin…

    I’m a bad person.

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