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03 Jul

IKEA wedding

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Our visit reminded me of how many great DIY, trinkety marvels that you could purchase at IKEA to use as wedding /party/decorations/motifs.
For our wedding, we stocked up on jars and tea light candles but there are so many other fabulous (re-sellable) items that, if you think a bit laterally, can really spruce up a venue, with very little cost.
I love, love, love their fabric range…so many bright patterns that can easily be trimmed (without any real sewing skills) into table runners or rustic napkins. Check the bargain bin for offcuts too, as there are great deals to be had there (especially when they are discontinuing a line).

02 Jul

Making my pretty-book design

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A wedding is basically a party, that’s very emotive and personal. As a society we’ve built it up to be ‘the most important day of your life’ which I think is not only dangerous it’s also a bit bullshit.
How many New Years Eves have you had high expectations about and then spent the night at a bus stop, waiting for a bus that never comes, whilst drinking your champagne from the bottle and eating brie like a sandwich with your hands?

25 May

Letters to Carlos

I use eBay a lot. I buy, I sell. I’ve bought heaps of stuff for our upcoming wedding online….my cute shoes, paper straws….a fiancé? I like to think if you treat people real nice they might do the same in return. I know, it’s the internet and there are a LOT of DICKHEADS out there…so […]

08 Dec

Don’t tell the bride


Have you see the TV show Don’t tell the Bride? It’s fabulously droll. An engaged couple are given twelve grand to plan their wedding, the only catch is… the woman must go away and leave the man to plan and pay for the whole thing (from flowers, to celebrants to the DRESS!) all in two […]

23 Oct

New York

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I’m of the belief that when you’re given the opportunity to go to New York (or anywhere for that matter) on a whim, you bloody well take it. No thinking, just say YES. Last week my boss Pam called me with an unusual proposition…to dash over to the US and back in three days to […]

08 Sep

Is she funny?

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Whenever my fiancé (feels wanky writing that but I’ll get over it) My man friend with whom I am going to be legally and romantically bound, FOREVER, is asked what I do for a living, he says ‘she’s a comedian’. Good one. He’s right, that’s sort of my job…even though a lot of the time […]