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August 17, 2011 2 Comments by Aleisha

It’s a year this week since I replaced Kit Kats (3 o’clock sugar hit anyone?) with stretchy pants and I’m 10kgs (sometimes 9kg) down. Let’s all eat a cake to celebrate.

I’ve droned on about it before but what really kicked started my exercise was a friend in the US on facebook going on and on about doing something called ‘The 30 day Shred’.
She’d update,
‘Day 6…dying’
‘Day 14….Jillian is a torture maiden’.
I asked the google about this ‘shred’ and found the Jillian Michaels workout DVDs.
I’ve been a gym member before (a few times). I’ve had the little shitty barcode on my key ring… fees direct debited each month…I’d turn up once a week, get confused by the machines, sweat a bitty bit, watch Real Housewives on the screens above the tredies and piss around until I reached the one hour mark. I’d head home and reward myself with some lovely wine and cheese.
“Good job Aleisha!”
Motivated by my friends success, I ordered that DVD. $10, what’s $10 if I don’t do it?  I tell you the first day was hard AND it was only 25 minutes of jumping around my lounge room. You think I’d given birth not done star jumps.
I ‘trained’ before work each day. I knew I’d get bored so I ordered another Jillian DVD and another.
I  thought, while I’m in this fitness phase why not do something I really hate…running.  My gentleman fellow Richard agreed to come with me….he’s an excellent motivator.
‘All you have to do is get to the fire hydrant’
‘All you have to do is get to the corner’.  He’d say.
I couldn’t run more than 200m when we started…last week I did 6kms.
(I want to get to 10km before the year is out and I just might Melbourne Marathon you evil bitch you)
I joined a forum called….get this…..The Shredheads…..a website devoted to people that do ’the shred’. I read about other people who were following a similar ‘work out at home’ system. How they kept it up. I started wanting harder workouts. Someone on the forum recommended Bob Harper; Jillian’s spunky male counterpart.  I ordered one of those as well.

The forum people were right. Bob’s workouts are super challenging and MENTAL but the harder they are the more it pushes me.
I’ve enjoyed the compliments that I’ve received since I started these workouts. I feel better about myself physically but what I’m really proud of is that I stuck to it and now I enjoy my work out time. It’s not everyday…I’m not obsessed with the scales. I don’t want a medal but I do want to say that you don’t need to drink shitty diet milkshakes or go to boot-camp at 5.30am….come on who keeps either of those things up?

I’ve just ordered the new ‘Bob’. I cannot believe I’m actually looking forward to receiving a workout DVD in the mail. The old me would kick the new me in the nuts (if I had any).



  1. Kez
    3 years ago

    You’re awesome :)

  2. Aleisha
    3 years ago

    Right back at you lady!

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