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I’m terrible when it comes to Hoity-toity stuff. Expensive restaurants, anything that is deemed ‘exclusive’…I can’t hide my joy…  I end up looking like one of those slack jawed clowns from the show, wide eyed and beaming. Real genuine rich people, even if they are super impressed have had enough Hoity-toity opportunities in life to develop a poker face for these situations. I’d like to think if someone handed me a billion dollars I could also develop this skill.
Anyone want to help me out? Anyone?
Last night we were treated to dinner (a delayed Christmas gift from my man friends lovely sister and brother in law) at Galvin at Windows a ‘Michelin-starred restaurant and bar located on the 28th floor of London Hilton on Park Lane in trendy Mayfair’.
I like fine dining. I like that they lay the napkin over your lap (even when you come back from the toilet), that there’s a sommelier…wine dude… to pour your wine and suggest bottles of wine to match the meal that are worth more than my car…I love that the dishes all contain tiny miniature vegetables that must be grown in a secret Michelin-starred lab.
As we sat 28 floors above London, I looked at our fellow ‘elite’ diners. There were a few couples. A rowdy table of four near us and a big table of people by the window (the view was wasted on them I might add because none of them looked out of the window the whole time). An American dude was holding court…I think the other 8 people where Korean.  The American was loud and kept name-dropping celebrities.
“Yeah well GEORGE CLOONEY….blah blah blah blah….  I like his movies”
Seriously if you’re going to name-drop at least pretend to know these people.In the end he picked up the bill. Lucky Koreans.
The food at Galvin was amah-zing*.
Very decent sized portions.


Chicken with tiny wee baby vegies.

Caramelised apple tarte tatin…ridiculously delicious and filling.

After dinner we ‘moved to the bar’ which overlooks the whole of England. They gave us a little silver tray of petit fours…chocolates on a plate. We were too full to eat them so I did the proper thing and when no one was looking, wrapped then in a tissue to take home.
On the tube home I was given the evils by Dr Robert Winston (the bloke from The Human Body telly show and others) when I didn’t give my seat up to a grey haired lady (couldn’t be older than 40). I was wearing new heels and wanted to get up but was also terribly full so sorry Doc but you know.
I’m at that point in the holiday when I momentarily convince myself I could open up a cup cake shop, or be an interior designer, even though I’d fucking hate it. I don’t know why I do this because I love my job….or jobs…or stuff that I do. It’s silly.
My one boring but steadfast goal during this trip was to maintain my exercise program. I packed my work out DVDs and trainers. We been for runs in the park and I’ve worked out in hotels and the backyard. After losing 8kg over the past 6 months I really want to maintain it.
Off to Italy on Thursday.
I am probably going to eat a LOT and therefore run a LOT.
*My best ever meal so far was at the Quay in Sydney…Cutler and Co in Melbourne comes a close second.
Galvin at Windows was super impressive. Service supreme and the food was delectable.

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