It’s not about ideas; it’s about making ideas happen

June 29, 2013 3 Comments by Aleisha

Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the Voices of 2013 master class, a giant love in/seminar/meeting of the blogger minds…and boy where there some sassy attendees! After last night, hosting a trivia evening for Project SAMA, Intrepid foundations charity, I felt energised and slightly concerned that my voice wasn’t going to make it (picture me standing on a chair in the middle of a pub trying to summon the crowd to ‘LISTEN TO ME!’).

Today was a very different affair. I waffled perhaps too much but I hope that I was slightly insightful in the ways of media, blogging and keeping 18 different projects (often of the heart and not dollars) alive while still trying to pay my rent and keep my hair foiled.
There are so many amazing blogger/writers/contributors out there, all making their way and sharing their work. I wish I could have stayed for the morning as one of my fav ladies Pip Lincoln was speaking…and boy she knows her stuff!
My basic message today was …
-Be yourself, you are your own brand , you decide how people see/read you
-Take risk, offend….

“He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool.”
Brigham Young  

-Collaborate don’t compete!
-Have many pots on the stove.
-Don’t be half-hearted. If you going to do it, bloody DO IT!
-Have fun, don’t take it too seriously….unless your blog is about cancer and death…..actually scrap that, everyone needs humor and light.
I feel invigorated, motivated and ready to move on some ideas that have been clanging around in my brain for a while and being with such a vivacious group of people today has certainly kicked me into gear!

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  1. cinti
    1 year ago

    I really enjoyed hearing you speak, sorry I didn’t get a chance to nab one of your business cards. I too am a biz card swapaholic!
    x Cinti

  2. Mez
    1 year ago

    I loved hearing you speak yesterday! What a great start to the morning! I especially loved your point about doing things with a full heart. I felt inspired! (and you were so funny!) Cheers, Mez

  3. Dorothy
    1 year ago

    It was lovely to hear you speak. Loved the “be a DOer” call to action and your sense of humour. I, too, have lots of pots on the boil, so you really resonated with me. Thank you for a great morning!

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