09 Apr

Back to life back to reality

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So here I am. The Comedy Festival is all done and dusted for me for another year and I have begun to suffer slight pangs of ‘shows over remorse’ and ‘what are you going to do with your life now?’ syndrome. All very common for performers. A small bout of Debbie Downer is usually followed by some […]

24 Mar

Sunday Style

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Sunday Style

So chuffed with the lovely piece in Sunday Style today. We had so much fun with Journalist Jo Hawkins and Photographer Damien Pleming. A total delight. After a sell out Fringe Festival run, How to get Rich is back for a limited season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Trades Hall (March 28-April 7).

24 Dec

Stand your ground

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TV trolly

In grade 10, the Australian Defence Force recruitment team came to our school to put on a big whiz-bang presentation to convince us all to sign up. I went to a Bogan school, which was situated in walking distance from a prison and where newbie teachers did their time before going to nicer less angry […]

02 Sep

How to get Rich- Sydney

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Daily Telegraph How to get Rich

I’m pretty excited about the next couple of weeks. Firstly we’ve had some excellent PRESS in the past few weeks.Lot’s of talking about ourselves…trying not to repeat the same things or give away the ending to the show OR our very special guests name. HARD. I’m starting a new job and heading to Sydney for […]

02 Aug

Thank you for the music…well, TV

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What a fun two and a half years I’ve had travelling the country and the globe, meeting, eating, interviewing, dancing, experiencing, laughing, feeling tired, trying to memorise scripts while standing in some exotic or bizzaro locations, being tongue tied, doing my hair and make-up in porta-offices, forgetting names, running for planes, sleeping in cars, did […]

25 May

Letters to Carlos

I use eBay a lot. I buy, I sell. I’ve bought heaps of stuff for our upcoming wedding online….my cute shoes, paper straws….a fiancé? I like to think if you treat people real nice they might do the same in return. I know, it’s the internet and there are a LOT of DICKHEADS out there…so […]

13 Feb

Marie Claire

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21 Jan

fashion and frivolity

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I’ve launched a new website ‘Love Local Fashion’ where interested parties can follow my fashion exploits…wearing all australian clothes,and accessories on air for The Circle. It’s a nice project and far more attainable than challenging myself not to do something, like give up booze or cupcakes! If you’re in Melbourne and looking for FREE entertainment this Australia Day eve […]

09 Jan


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Today I posted a ‘call out’ on Source Bottle. The web site you use, when you want to get something done. I was thinking about my clothes…not my own clothes but what I wear on air… on the telly. It always panics me a bit trying to decide what to wear and when and I […]

08 Dec

Don’t tell the bride


Have you see the TV show Don’t tell the Bride? It’s fabulously droll. An engaged couple are given twelve grand to plan their wedding, the only catch is… the woman must go away and leave the man to plan and pay for the whole thing (from flowers, to celebrants to the DRESS!) all in two […]